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Joanne Chando is a national speaker and instructor  who has engaged and enlightened audiences across the country for 35+ years! Her brand of humor not only sticks with you and your event attendees, but will also enable everyone to learn and have fun!

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Joanne is a motivational and inspirational humorist with experience to share!

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Joanne has guided thousands to a new beginning throughout her 35 years of speaking engagements.

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I would like for you to know what a genuine pleasure it has been attending the classes you instruct. Your experience in real estate and personality make for such an intriguing way to become educated and absorb the information for practical use. I am hopeful and look forward to seeing you in many more. Thank you for your time and consideration kindly.



Thank you again for presenting the course yesterday, everyone loved you and they were so excited throughout the course. Thank you again for coming and I’m looking forward to having you come back sometime in the future. 🙂



Thank you so much for speaking at our convention. We received rave reviews from all of our franchises! 

-Oasis Senior Advisors


Thanks for making GRI 302 understandable. I am a ‘Late in life’ entrant to the Real Estate realm and wondered if i would be able to effectively learn ‘The Business’. Inspirational instructors like you make the challenge a simple ‘low bar’ hurdle rather than a mountain. 

John M.

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Joanne Chando

Speaker, Instructor

Joanne has delighted audiences across the country as a keynote speaker for numerous market segments, such as real estate, academia, medical and entrepreneurship, just to name a handful! No matter what your industry or market segment, attendees love Joanne’s positive and uplifting approach – and her hilarious perspective on life!


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Joanne Chando is a national speaker, and instructor who has engaged and enlightened audiences across the country for 35 years! Her brand of humor not only sticks with you and your event attendees, but will also enable everyone to learn and have fun!

Success Stories

Hello Joanne, I attended one of your classes at GTR.  I laughed the entire time and learned alot!  Thank you for that awesome experience.  My goal s to surround my with positive people, learn from them and then pass on to others the knowledge that I gain.

Sincere Thanks,Chelle H., REALTOR®

Chelle H.

I have spent the whole day with Instructor, Joanne Chando. This morning she has totally covered AVMs and RVMs and Showing Consumers the Difference. So comprehensive in the valuation methods in evaluating home values. I truly appreciate the RPR (Realtor Property Resource) which uses RVM. This afternoon my brain is exploding as I try to take in all her instructions on Taxes and Money.

Cynthia R.